Local Roots

Planet Rice is owned and distributed by LaGrande Family Foods, a fifth generation family farm located in the Sacramento Valley of California, with deep, meaningful ties to the region and its farmers.

The valley sits just north of the Sacramento River Delta and is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the world. Its unique geographical position, water quality, and soil composition also make it one of only a few regions in the world able to grow short-grain and medium-grain rice, known “sticky rice” or sushi rice. The LaGrande family moved to the Sacramento Valley in 1921 and have been farming rice there ever since.

As a result, we at Planet Rice understand and appreciate the role small, local family farms play in feeding America’s families. That’s why every kernel of Planet Rice comes from family farms in the Sacramento Valley, never outside of a 100-mile radius from where we mill and package it. That’s a promise from our family to yours.