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Make all your meals good for you and great for the planet

Woman carrying bowl of rice

Quality you can taste

Sustainably grown
Gluten free
100% natural

Rice that is twice as nice

When it’s good for you and great for the planet too.

Internationally known, locally grown

100 years of practice and we are just getting started.

The LaGrande family knows a thing or two about growing the best rice around. We’ve been cultivating in the Sacramento River Delta for over five generations, where we mill, sprout and package every kernel of Planet Rice. Growing a healthier rice for a healthier planet.

Sweet or spiced?
Planet Rice cooks just right.

There is nothing that brings our family more pride than offering you the healthiest, earth-conscious, whole grain rice to feed your family. We offer four varieties of our California-grown, non-GMO, gluten free, all natural rice that are sure to please everyone around your dinner table.

A single grain of rice with a world of potential

Good stuff
in here
Like, really
good stuff

You’re on the rice track.
Stick with us.

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