Rice Roster

Sustaining the planet and your palate

Planet Rice product lineup

California Blonde

This is one blonde that is having more fun! Our California Blonde is our most expeditious rice—cutting down on cook time by 20% through permeability alone.

Sprouted Brown

Giving brown rice a good name, our signature Sprouted Brown has all the health benefits you look for in a brown rice but with all the great taste of a white variety.

Organic Sprouted Brown

Organic foodies rejoice! Now serving, the latest edition to the Planet Rice family, our first-ever Organic Sprouted Brown rice.


There is no power trip behind this power blend. We take our signature, tasty Sprouted Brown rice and mix it with some of the healthiest ancient grains.

Calrose White

Better known as ‘soft and sticky,’ this Japonica variety is known for its versatility, subtly sweet taste and ability to absorb rich flavors from all around the globe.

Delicious grains that help fight climate change.

Planet Rice has been proudly and actively investing in regenerative agriculture for generations. We know that our collective future is brightest when we all do our part to reverse climate change through incremental daily choices. That is why we focus on rebuilding and restoring soil diversity, improving our water cycling and increasing our carbon drawdown. That way, you get to eat something delicious and do your part for the planet—all before dinnertime.

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