Our Story

More than rice.

At Planet Rice, we believe that a single grain of rice holds within it a world of possibilities. That within every bowl lies an endless capacity for flavor, nutrition and— through regenerative agriculture—global impact.

Woman bearing rice
Woman bearing rice
A kernel of truth

Our Story

The LaGrande family has been growing, cultivating and revitalizing our land in the Sacramento River Delta for over five generations. Through our vertically integrated operation, we are able to mill, sprout and package every kernel of Planet Rice ourselves. Owning the entire process, we are able to honor our family legacy of innovation and sustainability, serving one mission. To positively impact the climate through soil care, water use and carbon reduction, while also supporting your family’s nutrition and sustainability efforts at home.

In every kernel of Planet Rice, we share this story of sustainability and our hope of regeneration.

For our small, modest grains to effectively harness our collective care and strengthen our global impact. That we grow more than just delicious rice—that we actually grow a brighter future.

Rice grains
From the LaGrande Family to yours


Planet Rice has been proudly and actively investing in regenerative agriculture for generations. We know that our collective future is brightest when we all do our part to reverse climate change through incremental daily choices. That is why we focus on rebuilding and restoring soil diversity, improving our water cycling and increasing our carbon drawdown. That way, you get to eat something delicious and do your part for the planet—all before dinnertime.

How we do it

Regenerative agriculture is a conservation approach to farming that focuses on topsoil regeneration, increased biodiversity, water cycle improvement, enhancing ecosystem services, increasing resilience to climate change and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.

Here’s how we farm sustainably year round:

To prepare for planting, we return the ‘winter water’ back to the rivers and let the fields dry out completely. This provides rich nutrients, like zooplankton, to fish populations all over NorCal! Next, the fields are leveled, flooded with about 5” of water and then seeded for the next season.

Hot California days and cool summer nights create the ideal climate for our Japonica rice varieties. The rice plants soak up the sun while growing our nutritious grains, helping California farmers produce more rice while utilizing far less resources.

Time to harvest! We gather up all of the perfectly golden, mature Planet Rice grains and leave behind all the rice straw for our winter helpers.

Every winter, we flood the rice fields creating a critical habitat for millions of migratory birds. The birds are our greatest helpers, as they assist in the decomposition of the rice straw and further sink carbon back into the heavy clay soil.

Heavy on flavor,
easy on the planet.

Rice is a staple in kitchens around the world for a good reason. It’s hearty, versatile and nutritious. Internationally known and locally grown in California, Planet Rice knows that this small, modest grain has the power to change the world. That by fueling your body, we may also fuel your best intentions.

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