Organic Sprouted Brown

Organic Sprouted Brown

Organic foodies rejoice! Now serving, the latest edition to the Planet Rice family, our first-ever Organic Sprouted Brown rice. With all the benefits of our classic Sprouted Brown—antioxidant dense, vitamin E packed, fiber rich— and the USDA’s Certified Organic stamp, this is one seriously nutritional grain. Add it to any recipe for a tasty, organic, GABA-filled meal that will fuel you or the whole family all day long.

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Product information

11 servings per container

Serving size ¼ cup (54g)

Amount per serving:

Total fat1g
Saturated fat:0.2g
Trans fat:0g
Total Carbohydrate41g
Dietary Fiber1g
Total sugars0g
Includes 0g Added Sugars
Vitamin D0mog

Meat substitute

Our signature Sprouted Brown rice is an easy way to add more amino acids, fiber and iron to your diet without losing any flavor. Less chewy than traditional brown rice, Sprouted Brown is an excellent protein alternative for any vegan or vegetarian dishes, offering a hearty bite and nutty flavor each and every time.

What even is GABA rice?

GABA stands for gamma aminobutyric acid and it is a highly beneficial amino acid found in everyday healthy foods like Planet Rice. Increasing your GABA intake has tons of health benefits like better sleep, less anxiety and lower blood pressure. Fun fact: Sprouted Brown rice has 10x more GABA content than your average white rice!

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