Planet Rice Makes Its Debut Somewhere Special—Erewhon

We are excited to announce that we’ll be expanding our retail footprint by bringing our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice to Erewhon markets. Just as we believe in meals that are good for you and great for the planet, Erewhon believes in products that “protect the health of people and our planet”. What can we say? We get each other on a granular level.

For the uninitiated, Erewhon is a Southern California supermarket chain that focuses on niche, locally-produced, organic products. They’ve made their name offering foods that appeal to raw, vegan, keto, kosher, and other alternative diets—all to inspire healthier communities.

It only makes sense that our first impression with discerning Erewhon shoppers will be made with our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice. Of all of our rice products, this one boasts a whole lot of nutritional benefits. Fans of activated foods will already know that sprouting grains makes them easier to digest. However, we use a proprietary sprouting method where the rice kernel is germinated until flavor and nutrients are maximized, then the germination process is interrupted and the kernel moisture is reduced to pre-germination levels, all to preserve valuable nutrients. In essence, our method means superior texture, flavor, and nutrition. 

Sprouting our brown rice also means it has four times the GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) content of regular brown rice and over 10 times the GABA of white rice. GABA is a highly beneficial amino acid found in foods like peaches, green snap beans, and rice. Studies indicate that increasing GABA intake may help with promoting calmness, lowering anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and improving cardiovascular function. 

An easy-to-digest, fiber-rich grain full of calm-inducing amino acids. Surely it’s clear why we’ve chosen Organic Sprouted Brown Rice to lead the charge for our planet-and-people-friendly rice revolution.

Visit one of these Erewhon locations, or find us at another of the stores we’ll be expanding into across California with our store locator!

  • Beverly Hills 
  • Calabasas
  • Los Angeles
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Santa Monica
  • Studio City
  • Venice
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